Windows WMI (over DCE/RPC) with Samba?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Mar 3 14:46:03 GMT 2004

Peter Valdemar Mørch wrote:
> Background:
> Windows has the nifty WMI - Windows Management
> Instrumentation API. WMI is ideal for remote management of Windows
> machines as you can extract an incredible wealth of information about
> installed software, event log, performance, hardware, you-name-it via
> WMI, all without installing any software at all on the windows
> machines. For us it is very important to avoid having to install
> software on all Windows hosts.
> I've taken a look with Ethereal what is going on during WMI between
> two windows machines, and MS DCE/RPC turns up again and again - so I
> thought of Samba...
> I don't think access to WMI is possible with Samba or with any other
> Linux code, as it is. (grep -i wmi `find . -name *.c -type f` under
> samba-3.0.2a/ returns nothing but an OT comment...)
> Now my question:
> Does anybody have an idea whether / how easy support for WMI would be?

We have a new DCERPC infastructure in samba4 , there we only need to 
specify a IDL file and the C code will be autogenerated by a IDL-Compiler.

It would be cool if you could help us to write a WMI.idl file,
(and maybe some others!:-)
and torture tests for this interface...

Take a look at


Stefan Metzmacher <metze at>

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