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Yashpal Nagar yash at linux-delhi.org
Wed Mar 3 12:18:10 GMT 2004

Hi Parag,

Your requirement may different but the way i am using samba in my office 
is like this:-

i have created folder share with read access to all but write access to 
persons whose group is  @pm.


  path = /opt/global/share
  public = no
  read only = yes
  write list = @pm
  create mask = 0775
  directory mask = 755
  writeable = no
  force directory mode = 0775
  force group = pm

man samba.conf, and read for "write list" , "read list" , "create mask" 
, "directory mask" etc which would help you a lot
in implementing ACLs.
Infact you can nicely create shares for

1. Public                       all read/write
2. Group enabled          read/write only e.g above
3. Confidential             accessed by only one user (mapping home dirs)

For adding users to sambpasswd file you need to "smbpasswd -a user"
set the proper setting for folders whatever you share;

e.g chmod -R 775 /opt/global/pm; chmod g+s /opt/global/pm; chown -R 
pm.pm /opt/global/pm; groupadd pm; put the login ids in /etc/group for 
giving them access
All this applied to the above mentioned group read/write scehma, you may 
require a diff stuff ;)


Parag Mehta wrote:

>Dear All,
>This is Parag here. I have configured SAMBA on Solaros 8/9. After creating proper sharer on smb.conf file , my windows client [ Win2k ] are in a position to use the sharer/shared folder lying on solaris.SAMBA is working fine.
>We would like to achive ACL [ Access Control List ] on same. Basically we have different windows users who are the part of various domain. Now we wanted the specific set of users only to aceess the shared solaris partition. Is it possible to achive same with SAMBA ? If ans is yes , then sombody can please guide me with small set of examples. & If it is not possible then what's a workaround for same.
>Basically i am new with SAMBA technology , so i am not aware abt the same. 
>Urgent help is required.

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