unknown_6 in samr_user_info_21 and 23 is max logon hours

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Wed Mar 3 04:04:33 GMT 2004

So unknown_6 in the samr user info 21 and 23 just seems to be the max
length of the logon hours array.  It always seems to be 2160 (0x4ec), and
since internally we only store at most 32, should we just eliminate this
from the passdb altogether and always return 2160 as the max?

The problem I'm seeing is that with newer versions of usrmgr, we're
receiving "0" in this field, which is supposed to key off of the
ACCT_LOGON_HRS bit of the fields_present field, and we don't properly catch
it (it's turned off in this case, so we shouldn't set it).  Since we
already won't store more than 2160, why don't we a) return 32, since that's
what we actually call our max or b) always just return 2160 and hope for
the best...

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