Need advices for development back-up Samba module

Henrik Nordstrom hno at
Sat Jun 26 00:40:16 GMT 2004

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Simo Sorce wrote:

> > Also I need to copy files that was changed and still open (after some
> > time passed after last write).
> I think this would be a problem, you may have inconsistent data on disk,
> because the client cache modifications. You may disable oplocks to avoid
> client caching, but your performances will suck then.

On the positive side there at least there will not be worse problems than 
without the backup server.

If a server restarts unexpectedly then there may be incomplete data saved 
in files open for write, oplocks or not.

Not backing up files open for write is in my opinion often (but not
always) worse than backing up the incomplete files. Optimal would be if 
the backup server could store both the last known stable copy and the 
current modifications.

But my gut feeling on this whole question is that it is best done using a
redundant host filesystem below Samba..  There seems to exists several
interesting candidates for this. Intermesso <>
looks like a reasonable startingpoint but is not alone.


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