svn commit: samba r1239 - in branches/SAMBA_4_0/source: libcli libcli/auth libcli/util librpc/ndr

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Jun 25 03:01:42 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 03:07, metze at wrote:
> Author: metze
> Date: 2004-06-24 17:07:19 +0000 (Thu, 24 Jun 2004)
> New Revision: 1239
> Removed:
>    branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/libcli/auth/ntlmssp_parse.c
> Modified:
>    branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/libcli/auth/ntlmssp.c
>    branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/libcli/auth/ntlmssp_sign.c
>    branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/libcli/config.m4
>    branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/libcli/util/smbencrypt.c
>    branches/SAMBA_4_0/source/librpc/ndr/ndr_basic.c
> Log:
> move the old msrpc_<gen|parse>() functions to ndr_<push|pull>_format_blob()
> simular to ndr_<push|pull>_struct_blob()
> metze

A few points here.

The two NDR implementations are intended to be separate, and I would be
happier if the one used by NTLMSSP was more, not less, private to that

I am hoping to separate NTLMSSP (and possibly the whole of gensec) into
a separate library, and to this aim I have worked to make it as
independent of the rest of Samba as possible.  

It is my hope that we can keep this module sufficiently independent that
we can re-licence it to LGPL if/when this assists other projects.

I also hope to keep this module in sync between Samba 3.0 and Samba4, or
at least Samba 3.2.  Jerry has requested that purely gratuitous renames
be kept to a minimum, for his sanity.

Finally, you need to take much more care on copyright headers!  Make
sure that when you copy code, you take the correct headers with you.

I would be much happier if this change was reverted.  It has nothing to
do with the rest of our NDR code, except sharing an output format.  It
belongs in with the auth code, which is the only thing that calls it
(the NTLMv2 name blob generation aside, which can be dealt with
elsewhere, still link the NLTMSSP specific code or be changed to use our
main NDR code these days).

Andrew Bartlett
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