multi-session problems, vmware problems

Pitrich, Karl karl.pitrich at
Tue Jun 22 09:07:53 GMT 2004

hi all,

i encounter 2 problems with 3.0.4, dunno if this is a known

1) multiple users work on 1 machine via terminal server sessions,
   browsing the samba host with explorer shows the home directory of all
   users currently logged in on the windows machine.
   access to other than my $HOME is denied, though.

2) when a windows machine has a vmware setup with vmware-installed
   virtual network adapters, no login is possible, unless the additional
   nic's are deactivated.
   logs says: 

query_name_response: Multiple (2) responses received for a query on
subnet for name TESTDOMAIN<1d>

  Failed to verify incoming ticket!

i can imagine that there is a per-IP based list of netbios names kept
somewhere, which is causing that behaviour?


 / karl


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