Problems with xcopy /o with Samba 3.04

daniel at daniel at
Sun Jun 20 16:06:35 GMT 2004

Hi guys, I've spent the past 2 days trying to find a fix for this issue, but to
no avail, especially in regards to samba3.  So let me just layout the problem
for you, and I'll elaborate on where i believe the problem is.

Samba 3.04 server
Windows 2000 Server w/ ADS

I'm logged in as a local administrator on the Win2k Server, trying to xcopy to
the samba fileshare.  When I do the xcopy /o from the Win2k server, I get
access denied.  When I check the Samba share, it looks as if it created the
folder, with my userid/groupid, but it seems that the access denied is trigged
by chown.  It's refusing to chown to a different userid/group ID.

Some things I've found around the web were force unknown acls = yes, but this
has been depreciated in samba3.  I also saw that there was a xcopy /o patch,
but it was for samba 2.  So I'm asking you guys for help.  Is this not
supported in Samba?  Or did I miss a configuration variable?

Also I did notice that you can change the user that you're logging into the
domain as via the net command.  I believe we're logging in as a domain
administrator that should have privledges to change the permission & ownership
of files.  Any input would be awesome.  And thanks for a great fileserver

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