Peter Koch samba.pkoch at
Sun Jun 20 12:47:49 GMT 2004

Dear Samba-developers!

We store all of our user-information in on Oracle-Database and 
would like to replace smbpasswd by an Oracle-table.

Is anybody working an an Oracle-PassDB-Backend ??

If not, I would like to do it myself. Unfortunately I'm familiar
with C-programming and Oracle only, so my main problem is
to find the right place to start.

How do I modify the Makefiles? How do I inform samba about
the existense of a new PassDB-backend?

One thing, we would like to do, is to change samba-passwords
directly in an Oracle-table. Is that possible? Or does samba
cache passwords-entries internally and invalidates chache-entries
only if passwords are changes by symba itself?


Peter Koch  <samba.pkoch at>
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