Server side printer drivers

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Wed Jun 16 15:20:28 GMT 2004

(Even though this is a rather general question, it seems appropriate
for samba-technical to me)

When installing printer drivers on the server side (using rpcclient
setdriver or Windows add driver), and then setting options (in the
printer's registry) at the server side, Windows clients seem to be
accessing the settings of printers directly on the server.

This causes everybody who tries to change the parameters of a printer
on his machine to either change it globally for everybody (if he can
according to the permissions in Samba), or to fail.

How can I have printer driver options taken by default from the
server, but allow clients to override them locally (and not set it on
the server)?

Also, say this is not possible, in which case I would like to prohibit
all changes to printer paramters on the server (mostly, unless I'm at
changing them).  But administration of printers (lprm, lpc, etc.)
should still be available to printer admins.  How can I allow users
matched by the "printer admin" setting in smb.conf to perform such
tasks like removing, pausing, and reordering jobs, but not let them
change the parameters of printers?

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