Cups (raw) print queue seems broken

Tony Jago tony at
Thu Jun 10 23:07:16 GMT 2004

Hi, I have been trying to get printing from Windows XP -> FreeBSD working and by working I mean fully working with the ability to see the print queues and cancel jobs etc. My current setup is Samba 3.0.4 compiled with libcups and "printing = cups" build using the FreeBSD ports tree. I have tried the following 3 combinations with various success.

1. Using IPP from Windows XP -> Cups. Work well except after the windows machine has been rebooted the printer appears to be "Offline". Any attempt to "Use Printer Online" produces a "Operation could not be completed" dialogue box. Anybody know why this is or how to fix it? I am unable to cancel print jobs from the queue due to authentication errors. 

2. Use samba with a postscript driver on the windows side and CUPS doing the postscript rendering. - Seems to work. I can see and cancel print jobs. Queue looks normal. However I really don't want to run the printer as a postscript printer as the real windows driver has some features that I need. This beings me to option 3.

3. Use samba with the normal printer driver to a raw CUPS queue - Printing works fine however the queue seems to do some weird things. Rather then show the cups queue, samba seems to pass back to windows what's in the samba spool directory??. When a job is printed, the job appears in the windows queue display briefly. It goes from "Spooling" status to "Deleting" status and then the job is gone. The job however is placed in the cups queue and is visible from the command line lpq or from the web interface. 

My question, is it possible to get samba to be able to handle the raw cups queues in the same way it handles the cooked ones? 

Thanks in advance for your help,


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