Vampire between Samba PDC and Samba BDC

Claude-Jacques Tronquet samba.cjt at
Thu Jun 10 09:59:08 GMT 2004


In the past I successfully migrated accounts from a NT4 PDC to a Samba 3 BDC
using the net rpc vampire function.

For testing purpose, I'm now trying to migrate accounts from a Samba 3 PDC to a
Samba 3 BDC in the same way. But when I run the net rpc function (after
successfully joined the domain), I have the following error, which is not very

> Fetching DOMAIN database
> Failed to fetch domain database: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

By the way, is it possible to use vampire between two Samba, or is it only
functionnal between NT and Samba?

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