Extended Security negotiation on NT4

Yusdi Santoso yusdi at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 9 01:53:26 GMT 2004

>| Does anyone know if NT4 (SP6a or above) can support
>| extended security  negotiation? > So far in my testing I
>| can't get the "Extended Security" bit in  Capabilities
>| flag of protocol negotiation to be enabled (value=1).
>| From webpages I read it seems to imply that such setting
>| is possible but  none tell me how to do it.
>I don't think you can get nt4 to set the extended
>security cap bit.
>IIRC the extended security bit == SNPEGO which was
>introduced in win2k.

Not exactly right. The extended security bit can be set without using SPNEGO 
(when using NTLMSSP). This is the normal sitation in plain Win2K and WinXP 
(no active directory).

Anybody have any other idea on NT4 extended security?



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