Patch: System keytab usage improvements

James, Garrick garrick.james at
Thu Jun 3 18:17:19 GMT 2004

> From: Dan Perry [mailto:dperry at] 
> Sent: Thursday, 03 June 2004 9:42 AM

> Yes, you need to run the script (found in source/) 
> to generate a new configure script.  Otherwise, the WRFILE 
> prefix won't get detected, among other things.

Thanks.  I'll give that a whirl.

> This list is a good place to send in a patch... (I'm not a 
> samba developer either)

It turns out this small patch is needed after I apply the keytab patch.
For some reason, my compiler (gcc 2.95.3 on Solaris 8; yes, I know it's
old, but that's what we use here) chokes without this.  Apply the keytab
patch first and then the attached patch.  It moves one line.

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