SMB NT IOCTL Codes / API / Reference ?

William R. Lorenz wrl at
Thu Jun 3 16:37:07 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I'll share this with the list also, in case anyone might be able to help
me find this NT IOCTL code so that I can get started on a 3.0.4 patch.

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Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 12:35:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: William R. Lorenz <wrl at>
To: kcross at
Subject: Samba Shadow Copy Support

Hi Ken,

I'm contacting you because I found your Samba post online at:

I see that a Shadow Copy request coming from a Windows client has an NT
IOCTL code of 0x00144064.  I'd like to know how you found out about this?

The reason I ask is because my Windows 2000 Server machine seems to be
sending over repeated 0x0009009c NT IOCTL codes when SQL Server 7.0 is
used to access the Samba share, and this code isn't supported by Samba as
of the Samba 3.0.4 release.  As such, this request gumming up the works
and causing my Samba server to bomb out with errors similar to these:

  Jun  3 11:26:09 nasone smbd[22899]: [2004/06/03 11:26:09, 0] 
  Jun  3 11:26:09 nasone smbd[22899]:   call_nt_transact_ioctl(0x9009c): 
    Currently not implemented.

I'd like to get this fixed up and contribute back a patch to the Samba
team, but I can't find a good list of NT IOCTL codes anywhere that might
point me in the right direction.  I was hoping that I might draw upon some
of your experience in engineering the Shadow Copy code so that I might be
able to gain a foothold and get started on this.  I've already search
google and the Microsoft KnowledgeBase, to no avail.  I have to beleive
there's a better way to go about this -- is there a published API out
there, or possibly some kind of Win32 library I can reverse engineer?

Any help, guidance, or insight would be much appreciated.  I'm willing to
do the work on this, but it's now a matter of finding where to start. ;)

I really hope I might hear from you.  Thanks, Ken.

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