ADS netlogon crypto challenge - solved!

tridge at tridge at
Thu Jun 3 14:49:53 GMT 2004

The challenge has been solved!

Congratulations to Luke Howard from PADL for solving the challenge! Of
course, I feel a little stupid as the solution is just a pair of
chained DES calls, which is extremely similar to the 64 bit case that
we already handled. I did test this possibility, but had a bug in my
test code at the time. Arrgh!

If anyone is interested, I have updates the sesskey.tgz to include the
solution. I will commit the resulting new Samba4 code tomorrow and
soon afterwards I expect to be able to demonstrate our first domain
logons as a ADS domain controller. There is still a long way to go in
making Samba4 a fully function ADS DC (for example, we do no LDAP
server side stuff at all yet), but this is a big step in the right

Cheers, Tridge

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