Patch: System keytab usage improvements

Dan Perry dperry at
Thu Jun 3 01:17:49 GMT 2004

> 1)	The "net ads join" command says that it supports having the OU
> for the computer's account specified on the command line.  However,
> reading through the source code, the specified OU never gets used.  It
> appears that it makes it all the way to the call to
> ads_add_machine_acct(), but that function never uses the value passed to
> org_unit when building the comp_dn string:
> comp_dn = talloc_asprintf(ctx, "cn=%s,%s,%s", hostname,
> ads_ou_string(NULL), ads->config.bind_path);
> Note that NULL is passed to ads_ou_string.  Shouldn't org_unit get
> passed there instead?

Yes, good catch.  Here's a link to an updated keytab patch that fixes that

> 2)	Given that the org_unit is ignored, I'm not sure whether this
> second observation is valid or not...  There doesn't appear to be a way
> to specify an OU that is not "top level".  For example, it doesn't
> appear that one could use "net ads join" to create the computer's
> account in "ou=Unix,ou=Servers,ou=NW Datacenter".

To put a computer account in the directory like:
use the following command syntax:

net ads join "/c/b/a"

The path sort of like a uri, the order of the ou's is opposite that in a dn.
Leave off the base dn as well, samba will add that for you.


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