pdbedit - Export to LDIF

Anthony Liguori aliguor at us.ibm.com
Wed Jun 2 18:18:17 GMT 2004

> The attached patch provides the abililty to export all users in tbdsam 
> to a LDIF file. More specifically, it adds two additional options, "-E 
> or --Export-ldif" and "-F or --ldiffilename" and exports all the records 

> to the specified file in LDIF format, using the ldap user suffix from 
> smb.conf. If the filename option is not provided, it creates the ldif 
> file in /tmp directory. Any comments will be appreciated.

How about changing --Export-ldif to --export-ldif[=FILE] (have it take an 
optional file parameter).  If none is specified, it defaults to standard 

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