browse.dat and wins.dat content

Fri Jul 30 16:18:06 GMT 2004


I run Samba 2.2.8 on a 3-node peer-to-peer LAN (named 'EREBUS') and have 
it configured to act as the WINS server for my two Microsoft W2K nodes. 
Things work OK most of the time, but browsing the LAN from the Samba 
host has always seemed to be broken slightly.

One of the W2K nodes ('ISZKAZ') never seems to appear in the BROWSE.DAT 
file and has a strange-looking double entry in the WINS.DAT file:

$ type wins.dat
VERSION 1 155096
"__MSBROWSE__#01" 1091286380 e4R
"EREBUS#00" 1091323845 c4R
"EREBUS#1e" 1091323845 c4R
"ISZKAZ#00" 1091276888 64R
"IS~ISZKAZ#00" 1091364496 64R    <----- ????
"KIRALY#00" 1091286345 64R
"KIRALY#20" 1091286359 64R
"SZEGED#00" 1091323845 46R
"SZEGED#03" 1091323845 46R
"SZEGED#20" 1091323845 46R

Can anyone help me understand what is going on with Samba and the node 
'ISZKAZ'?  FWIW, browsing from the two W2K nodes (i.e., with NET VIEW 
and the GUI) appears normal.


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