snapshots of 2.6 cifs client code in svn

Steve French smfltc at
Thu Jul 29 22:19:08 GMT 2004

I have added a snapshot of the current cifs client development tree
(bk:// in svn

For current 2.6 linux kernels the files can replace the ones in 2.6
kernel fs/cifs directory and are an alternative to downloading most
current cifs code via bitkeeper or waiting for the next linux-2.6-mm
tree to be posted to (the cifs changesets in the cifs bk
development tree, that are waiting to go in the official kernel tree,
already were included in the linux-2.6-mm patches automatically).  The
files in this svn directory depend on some kernel functions that have
been created/renamed since 2.6.6 so would probably require some minor
patching to build on 2.6.6 or earlier.

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