CIFS Mount and the old PCFS Mount (was re: CIFS Unix Extensions UIDs and client permission)

David Collier-Brown davec-b at
Sat Jul 17 18:46:55 GMT 2004

Steve French wrote:
> 2) what should the default uid/gid be?  Now the default uid/gid is taken 
> from the "uid=" and "gid=" mount parms if they are passed on mount, and 
> if they are not passed the default uid/gid reported on lookup by the 
> client is current->uid and current->gid
> The intent of MultiuserMount is eventually to allow the 
> client to be configured to do additional SMB session setups for each 
> distinct UID who attempt to access the mount so we can pass the right 
> SMB uid/tid on path based requests to the server.

> Also - jra had talked about an interesting idea for a pipe based helper 
> mechanism that might assist with the uid translation.

I'm not sure the semantics of the CIFS mount are all that
sane... back in the days of PC-NFS, a client requested a mount,
usually of their home directory, by first authenticating the
individual using a PCNFS-specific mechanism to do so on the
server, and only then made a mount for that user.

This is more like the multi-user mount being discussed, in which
case the checking is less problematic...

Right now on Linux I use the user-may-mount permissions in my fstab
and a mount line per user, so that the user is non-ambiguous. This
made for a rather busy fstab on the departmental loaner laptop (:-))


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