getent works, but getpwnam fails

adp dap99 at
Thu Jul 15 22:31:18 GMT 2004

No, I am not running nscd.

This problem is reproducible.

It also seems like the list of users having this problem is growing. We went
from five accounts (out of around 1300) last week to six or seven this week.
That includes the original five plus the new ones.

Quick reminder: 'getent passwd' works for these accounts, but getpwnam()

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> Are you running nscd? You may want to disable it and test again.
> On Thu, Jul 15, 2004 at 10:44:26AM -0500, adp wrote:
> > I have an odd problem. For the majority of accounts in AD Winbind works
> > fine. However, for a very small minority the user cannot login (user not
> > found). To debug this I first ran 'getent passwd | grep username'. This
> > indeed returned the username that is not working. I then set 'log level'
> > 3 and restarted Winbind. Watching the log I found that for the user that
> > cannot login, Winbind shows:

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