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Tue Jul 13 13:43:01 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 23:12, Deryck Hodge wrote:
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> | I'm studing samba for my degree thesis in Computer Engineering.
> | I want try to develop something for community too.
> | May you send or give me a link to the todo list?
> |
> Hi, David.
> Here is the link to our website TODO page:
> <>.
> Others here can speak to particular projects more specifically, but the
> website is a good general starting place.
> Good luck with your thesis.

I think the TODO list should be on the todo list ;-)

Some projects that need doing in the Samba4 landscape:
 - Heimdal/Samba4 intergration:
   - Heimdal supports pluggable backends, and we need to back it onto
ldb, compatible with the Samba4 schema, for Active Directory DC support

 - Netlogon server works:
   - The existing Netlogon server is just enough to get WinXP to log
in.  We need torture tests written, and code fixed on that basis.

 - Decode more pipes:
   - We want to decode as much of the MSRPC landscape as possible

If you are keen, hang out on the #samba-technical IRC channel (the
development IRC channel).  It's on  That way, you can
work with others playing in the same area, and I'm sure we can find you
jobs to do :-)

Andrew Bartlett
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