Samba IDL Pragmatism?

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Mon Jul 12 23:16:58 GMT 2004

Is this strict midl syntax?

    WERROR srvsvc_NetShareEnumAll (
        [in]   unistr *server_unc,
        [in,out]   uint32 level,
        [in,out,switch_is(level)] srvsvc_NetShareCtr ctr,
        [in]   uint32 max_buffer,
        [out]  uint32 totalentries,
        [in,out]   uint32 *resume_handle

DCE IDL requires out parameters to be pointers but I know MIDL relaxes
this constraint a little. Still should the level and totalentries
parameters be pointers?

I'm doing RPCs w/ Samba4 IDL for the Java side and I'm just trying to
discern the Samba-isms.


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