Getting a locking Error with smbtorture and LDAP

stephan.theiler at stephan.theiler at
Fri Jul 9 11:21:21 GMT 2004

Hi together

We have tested a Implementaion of a Samba_3.0.4 BDC with a LDAP Backend 
with smbtorture and we got the folloing Errormessage.In a configuration as 
a normal Memberserver " joined in a NT4 Style PDC" we dont have this 

 unx91071# ./smbtorture //unx91069/sbl75 -N 8 -U pXXXX%xxxxxx TORTURE
host=unx91069 share=sbl75 user=pXXXX myname=unx91071
Running TORTURE 8 clients started
unexpected error code class=0 code=0 expected 1/33 
tdis failed (Call returned zero bytes (EOF))100

Can anyone help me



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