samba 3.0.4/linux spnego problem with w2003

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Jul 8 15:19:06 GMT 2004

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Pitrich, Karl wrote:
| hi,
| i configured a samba 3.0.4 server to be a member server of a
| windows 2003 active directory domain.
| kerberos is configured properly, as kinit works and i am able to get a
| ticket for the domain users in ActiveDirectory, which also exist as
| local users without a password. (i can pam_krb-login against the AD
| domain)

At this point, these type sof kerberos question are not
really developer oriented.  And are better suited for the
general samba ml.

But since I'm here, make sure that you have a version of
the krb5 libs athat support the rc4-hmac enc-typee (23).

And search for the KB article that
describe the 2003 bug where it will not honor the enc_type
requested by the client and always used rc4-hmac.

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cheers, jerry
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