Samba and Kerberos ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at
Wed Jul 7 19:38:14 GMT 2004

Greetings ...

	I saw some chatter on the tech list a little while ago, about have 
samba use and config auth through Kerberos, without AD.  I think that 
Andrew was chatting about use Linux Kerberos.  This would be great.  I 
could get Win2K3 to trust a Linux Kerberos REALM and then both pam and 
AD would use the same Kerberos database which we could then replicate 
with OpenLDAP to all our sites.  And not worry about the link between 
winbind and AD going down and remote site not work because there is no auth.

	Is there any plan to work on this soon or ideas and so on?


P.S. Great work guys.  Can't wait for the next release, it just keeps 
better and better.

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