Listing users from a Samba PDC

Mårtensson Roger Roger.Martensson at
Wed Jul 7 11:44:13 GMT 2004

I'm testing out Samba as a PDC and are having some problems. I've tried to search the archives but can seem to find a solution.
I've set up on a Solaris 9(with openldap) and managed to add a Windows 2000 client to the server. I've added users and groups and can log on to the system.
My problem is that when I try to add users via the security tab on windows I can't see the users. If I add a user manually and make a search(Check names) it is found. The strange thing is that the groups shows up ok.
I've made some debug 10 logs and as I can understand samba is getting the accounts from the LDAP server. What happends after that I'm not sure. No usernames ever seem to arrive to the Windows 2000 client.
I'm using almost the same config as found in the PDF documents on the samba site(other usernames, domainname etc :)) and the supplied Idealx scripts.
A suggestion for the documentation people. A page that atleast lists the different LDAP attributes and objectclasses with a short description would be nice. =) Seem to be hidden somewhere in some obscure documentation not found by me
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