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Peter Waechtler peter at
Wed Jul 7 07:25:29 GMT 2004

Am Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2004 00:30 schrieb Ron Short - SGI:
> Implementing version 3.0.2a of Samba on a Unix server.
> Is there a good way to create several shares which could contain several
> directories, i.e. one share called GRAPHICS which I would like to
> contain to directories at the same level, i.e. customerA and customerB
> and another share called GENERIC which would contain the customerB and
> generic directories.

If you work on Linux (instead of Irix:) there is "mount --bind".
With that you can mount dirs onto several places.

Another option would be the use of MS DFS. The smbclient code
shipped with MacOSX does not support that - don't know the status
of Samba and DFS.

> Is there a filesystem size limit for MAC OSX (version 10.3.+) clients
> connecting to a Samba share? If not, is there anything special that
> needs to be defined on the MAC client to be able to access large (2+ TB)
> filesystems.

The smbclient shipped with MacOSX is rather outdated - I think you will
get problems on dir listings with large files (>2GB).

You have two other options:
a) netatalk to access via AFP (Apple Filing Protocol)
b) look at HELIOS products PCShare and EtherShare at
	<duck & cover>

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