cvs access

William Baker bbaker at
Wed Jul 7 02:33:05 GMT 2004

Having never worked with Subversion before, I looked at the download 
documentation and found documentation for downloading from CVS:

> You can also fetch the sources using a source code control system. The 
> advantage of fetching via a VCS is that you can update your sources at 
> any time using a single command. See the Subversion instructions 
> <> and CVS instructions 
> <> for information on fetching the 
> sources using a version control system.

Clicking on the CVS instructions takes you to a long page that has a 
note at the top which says to use Subversion.  I missed that blurb at 
the top of the page.  Flashing red might have helped me, but I quickly 
scrolled down to the CVS URL and away I went.  Bold red messages stating 
that this is obsolete around the  CVS login instructions might have 
helped.  Then again, there are some people who are going to do what they 
want no matter what the instructions say :)  Haste makes waste.

Thanks for pointing out the Subversion instructions that I missed.


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