XP Local Group add prblem - Object Picker Incomplete

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Jan 31 20:22:52 GMT 2004

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Radu - Eosif Mihailescu wrote:

| I'm also experiencing this problem (the inability to
| add any Domain  object to a Local group on a Windowx XP PRO
| SP1 machine) ... and also  the Windows '98 one ("You cannot
| view the list of users at this time.  Try again later").
| Any resolutions yet? At least tell me where to look in the code
| ... I do  'speak' C ... so maybe I can find my own way through
| it ... but I would  surely appreciate some help ...
| anyone? Please? Pretty please?

Works finwe for me in the current cvs code (3.0.2rc2).
I would make sure you are running a current version and then
turn up the log level to see what is failing if the problem
still occurs.

cheers, jerry
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