samba 3.0.1 issues continued

James Bowes james at
Thu Jan 29 17:04:02 GMT 2004

Hi all.
This goes to a previous message with roughly the same subject line.
I have made further changes in the hopes that network browsing will be
possible from 3 Win2k stations and 1 Win98 station. So far, I am still
receiving network name is not accessible messages. I have tried to
recreate the same environment on my own development/testing box and I
get the same errors - mainly when I view the logs, I see a "can't become
connected user"
Here's a few more details:

*	Valid and active user accounts exist
*	Simple sharing with a forced group and the write list entry for
the same group
*	Wins server support = yes
*	Clients have valid Wins configurations in the network properties
*	Clients have been rebooted
*	Browsing is not possible

Perhaps I am over analyzing the situation? Perhaps the messages are
normal and the problems are solely Windows based?
Would anyone have some thoughts on this?
Thanks for any and all responses.
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