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On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Tim Potter wrote:

> > Is there any documentation regarding the winreg rpc structures? I
> > gather that the parsing functions in parse_reg.c are not
> > comprehensive, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of
> > descriptive comments or development guides on this subject.
> You can try looking at the winreg.idl in Samba 4 for more up to date
> information.  I wrote it from looking at Luke Leighton's DCERPC book
> and staring at debug level 10 traces.

The server code in Samba 3.0 is supported.  It's read only access right 
now though.

> As you have found out REGEDT32.EXE will do authentication but only using
> the currently logged in user.  You might be able to write some win32
> code to connect as a different user.

It's all SMB session stuff....

  net use \\server /user:new_user

then connect using regedit.exe (or regedt32.exe)

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