openldap-software BOUNCE: Non-member submission

Major Response majorresponse at
Mon Jan 26 22:20:49 GMT 2004

This is an automated response.

OpenLDAP hosted mailing lists only accept postings from
list subscribers.  To subscribe, send e-mail to
openldap-software-request at with the command:

in the body of the message.  Help may be obtained by submitting
the command:

The following URLs are provided for your convenience:

    mailto:openldap-software-request at

    mailto:openldap-software-request at

Additional information about OpenLDAP hosted mailing lists is
available at:

If you are already a subscriber, change your subscription to be
the same address as you wish to post from and then only post from
that address.

-- OpenLDAP Postmaster <postmaster at>

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