implementing password lockout

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Mon Jan 26 15:38:08 GMT 2004

Ok, let me get this don't see a lockout time in the netlogon
delta?  I think I found one.
      uint32  dw_reserved[4];   /* space for more data - first two seem to
                             be an NTTIME */
Those first two have a time in them that appears to correspond with when I
was locked out.

Also, I found that the lockout reset is not replicated when lockout
duration is in effect...yet the BDC resets it...very interesting.  The BDC
is expected to do this on it's own, apparently.  So the lockout time has to
be communicated somehow (of course, it could just be based on when the
replication occurs that locks it out).

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