Modify Sid group mapping in Samnba3

Christophe_Gillard at Christophe_Gillard at
Mon Jan 26 09:17:50 GMT 2004

Hi everybody,

I would like to travel with my computer on differents sites with a same
domain name( call him: TDOMAIN).

I copy the machine count on each etc/passwd and /etc/samba/smbasswd. When i
connect on my TDOMAIN (my first: 192.168.51.X), all works fine. On the
second TDOMAIN (another IP: 192.168.50.X), i have some problem with Domain
Admin group on my workstation (windows XP).
I think if i change the SID DOMAIN ADMIN on my second sites to have the
same that the firts site, all works fine. Can i change this SID ?

Best regards,

Gillard Christophe

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