What's the limit on files exported?

Derrell.Lipman at UnwiredUniverse.com Derrell.Lipman at UnwiredUniverse.com
Fri Jan 23 14:04:14 GMT 2004

David Collier-Brown <David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM> writes:

> [Slightly offtopic]
>    I'm looking at adding SMB to a huge disk farm currently
> shared out via NFS, and winder if there is any smbd-wide
> limit to how many files can be shared.
>    In principle, any individual smbd can share out
> some large but finite number, whic hwe can call X,
> and I can compute how many smbds my server can support, so the
> answer is something like
> 	X * number of smbds.
>   But what is X, and are there any other limits that
> I'm not considering?

There is a 256 byte limit, I think, to Windows path names.  I don't know if
the SMB protocol itself imposes this limit, but if it does, you'll likely run
into problems with paths much longer than that in a typical NFS environment.


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