Kerberos Support in Samba 3.0 Client

Seppi Kerschbaumer seppi.kerschbaumer at
Fri Jan 23 12:05:58 GMT 2004

We are currently working on a single-sign-on project in our university.
Authorization via Kerberos with a Linux - and Mac Client on a Windows Domain
Controller works quite good, but the problem is that the homedirectory is
stored locally on the client machine.

What we want to achieve is that the homedirectory can be stored on the
domain controller and mounted whenever a user logs on on the client.

We read that in Samba 3.0 Client Kerberos is included but the Kerberos
feature has not been released due to a lack of tests. Now we would like to get
this Samba 3.0 Client version with this Keberos feature, and we would agree to
do some tests with it.

Can anyone help us?

Thanks for any help,


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