smbd 3.0.1 stopped lower-case'ing the usernames

Christian Griebel Christian.Griebel at
Fri Jan 23 11:21:17 GMT 2004

Dear all,

all of a sudden, after a restart our 3.0.1 stopped translating the upper-case
characters to lower-case UNIX names, as it did correctly before. Our win2k
clients all come with "M12345", whereas our UNIX accounts are "m12345".
Until today, Samba correctly converted - the critical line in log.smb reads
check_ntlm_password: \
authentication for user [M12345] -> [M12345] -> [m12345] succeeded

check_ntlm_password: \
authentication for user [M12345] -> [M12345] -> [M12345] succeeded

Thus, all service mappings like /path/to/%u fail now miserably which is REALLY A
BIG problem for us.

It began after restarting Samba for a new share. But even reverting the whole
smb.conf to what it was before and restarting Samba does not help.
I've re-compiled it the same way as I did before:
./configure --disable-cups --prefix=/usr/local/Samba \
            --localstatedir=/var/adm/SAMBA \
            --with-privatedir=/var/adm/SAMBA/private \

and it went well.
Due to an Irix bug, we had to change all "strcasecmp" to "StrCaseCmp" in
source/nsswitch/wins.c in order to get any 3.0.1 compiled. Can this be related
to our problem?
We never had to define things like 'username level = X' - it was 0 all the time
and worked fine.

Many thanks for any thought on that!

Christian Griebel                    Pha Pre/BCI, Merck KGaA
Systems Management                   Tel: +49(0)6151 72 3886  Fax:               3261

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