Smb multi-sessions, samba3.0.2pre1

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Tue Jan 20 09:09:58 GMT 2004

Jianliang Lu said:
> In my case, I have anonymous (Tid=1, uid=100) to \\server\IPC$ during the
> boot
> of the client, and user (Tid=2, uid=101) to \\server\netlogon.
> The wrong thing is why client did a NtCreateAndX to the path \samr with
> Tid=1 (anonymous to IPC$) and uid=101 (user).

This is completely normal. Even though the session setup and tree connect
are usually chained in the same SMB they are really seprate commands. A
sequence like the following would be completely legal;

session setup to \\server as user A returns uid=100
session setup to \\server as user B returns uid=101
tree connect to \\server\IPC$ with uid=100 returns tid=1
tree connect to \\server\netlogon with uid=101 returns tid=2
ntcreateandx to \\server\IPC$\samr with uid=101 and tid=1


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