Smb multi-sessions, samba3.0.2pre1

Jianliang Lu at
Mon Jan 19 14:26:01 GMT 2004

Hi all,
I'd like to have your suggestions about the process of smb-messages on multi-
A NT interactive logon process will establish 2 connections between the 
server and workstation: the first connection is anonymous, and the second is 
the domain/user. So at the end we have, for example:
	smb_tid = 1, smb_uid = 100 for anonymous
	smb_tid = 2, smb_uid = 101 for user

>From the trace I have seen that the NT workstation that logged with 
Domain/user (smb_uid 101) made a "CreateAndX" to path /samr with the 
smb_tid=1 and smb_uid=101, instead of smb_tid=2.

My question is: when we have the situation like above, that means, the
conn->uid is different of the vuid (smb_uid), how do we set the effective 
uid? We should set it with the uid of conn->uid (now Samba did) or use the 
uid of vuid (smb_uid)? I think that the correct setting is the uid of 
smb_uid. Could you give me some suggestions?

Jianliang Lu

TieSse s.p.a.     Ivrea (To) - Italy at   luj at

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