The domain name invalid or does not exist

Shivaprasad Pavoor shivaprasadp at
Mon Jan 19 14:05:08 GMT 2004

Dear all,

i've installed SAMBA 3.1 on my PC and configured it as PDC. when i goto START>RUN>and type the IP of the Linux box, I get a prompt for username and password. when i login to the server, i get mapping to the homes directory, so in this way I conclude that the SAMBA server is working without any issues as a file server. BUT as I (wanted) configured it as a PDC for my network, when i join the win2k Pro PC to the domain i get error msg saying that "The domain name "XYZ" is either invalid or does not exist". guyz out there...please suggest how do i go about resolving this and joining my workstations to the SAMBA PDC.

thanks in advance for all your suggestions....


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