unknown_3 flag of USER_INFO

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at xsec.it
Mon Jan 19 09:07:49 GMT 2004

I've worked on the unknown_3 flag area and the password must change
patch, I'll commit my work on HEAD, so that Jerry can get out with 3.0.2
with no surprises.

I've renamed unknown_3 to fields_present as it is called in samba4.

I've removed the unmeaningful functions to store this value into our
backends and provided a stub function to calculate the right value for
the bit mask.
We need to check code paths to see if we can correctly base the decision
on our PDB_SET/PDB_CHANGED flags. I suspect in some cases we have
PDB_DEFAULT but want to set the corresponding fields on a client call.
I think we need to extend "net rpc user" to be able to set single user
account fields or extend pdbesit so that it will be able to use an "rpc


Jerry, look at my commit on HEAD and tell me if it is ok to port it onto
3.0 post 3.0.2


On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 17:41, Jianliang Lu wrote:
> > Thanks, very much, I tought it was something like that, but had no time
> > to check my idea.
> > 
> > I'll try to integrate your findings in the weekend if nobody does it
> > before.
> > 
> > Simo.
> I hope also that someone give me some feedbacks about my two patchs: one for 
> kickoff_time (in MS SAMR is called account_expire) and other for logon time 
> that I sent these days.
> Ci aggiorniamo più avanti.
> Tanti saluti,
> Jianliang
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