RAP bug: Not truncating names to 12 characters.

Michael B Allen miallen at miallen.com
Sat Jan 17 20:18:45 GMT 2004

Christopher R. Hertel said:
>> This describes two bugs neither of which relate to 767. The first is the
>> "display tuncated share names but can't access" bug in Samba's
>> implementation of the NetrShareEnum RAP that Chris reported.
> Well, NetShareEnum() (no extra 'r')...but yeah.

Right. Oops.

> I see Jerry's point that the NET command already does the RPC call, but I
> favor the argument that says that smbclient is a general-purpose tool and
> should be able to retrieve all of the share names.

Absolutely. It should be totally transparent to users.

> I wonder, though, if it would work to change the reply format string from
> B13BWz to B64BWz.

Nope :) You asked me about this before and I tried it with jCIFS. I don't
recall exactly what happend but it just didn't work. It's kind of funny to
note that current MSRPC stubs generate a format string that is used for
decoding and encoding. Ha.

> (No, actually, I don't.  Most implementations deal with these strings as
> simple constants.  Windows might actually processes them.  It would be fun
> to test but I wouldn't rely on it for real code.)

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