Patch for printers browser, samba3.0.2pre1

Fabien Chevalier fabien.chevalier at
Fri Jan 16 19:14:17 GMT 2004

>'s on my list.  Not forgotten.  I'm not applying
> this patch for 3.0.2rc1 though until I have some more time to
> go back an test the cases that prompted the original change.
> Maybe for the final 3.0.2.  We'll see how much time I get
> next week.

Ok, thanks for your answer...I'm just a bit astonished so few people
complain about it...

It was the first thing i saw when i set up my first
Samba 3.0 print server.... 
I was rather surprised not to be able to see printers anymore
in "Add printers Wizard"
(especially that i had others Windows 2000 servers around with printers attached...
which i was able to see).

In my humble opinion, i think this feature is quite important because:
   - it allows users to set up printers the usual way (most won't have the
       idea to brower the server, right click on the printer and connect to it to
      be able to use it)
  - It can make people (including novice sysadmins) think that their printers are not
    set up correctly in Samba, even if they are perfectly functionnal.

And It's said nowhere that it doesn't work (Except Bug 101) -- so people will just assume that it should work.

By the way, i suppose their are other good reasons why it is still not fixed.
(Given the number of bugs you're assigned to, i suppose this one has never been very high
in your TODO list :-( -- And yes, fixing bugs has never been what a typical developer enjoys to do... :-)


Fabien Chevalier

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