Commercial license for windows authentication portion of Samba

Mark Kadrich mkadrich at
Thu Jan 15 19:12:40 GMT 2004

Andrew and the Samba team,
Would any of you be interested in some contract work to assist David
with this portion of our project? We are on a tight schedule and could
use some help.

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Thanks you for the prompt reply,

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> I've just looked your post up in the archives.  Sorry I 
> missed it. You could certainly add the appropriate code to 
> Samba 3.0 from Samba TNG to handle this, but you would be 
> better to instead move to Samba4, as that is where new RPC 
> developments now occour.

I've looked briefly at samba4, but I am concerned that it might take too
long for samba4 to become usable.
On the other hand samba4 might be further along than I percieve; I
haven't been able to get it to build yet on my debian(testing) machine.

> Given jelmer (aka ctrlsoft)'s recent work on libregistry, he 
> may be intending to bring the RPCs up to par, but you are 
> best to ask him.  I suggest you try agagin on the mailing 
> list, or catch us on IRC.

That would be an interesting development. I'll CC the list with this.
I saw libregistry mentioned before on irc, but I wasn't sure if it was
client or server side.
I suppose however that if the server side code were there it wouldn't be
too far of a leap to produce client code as well.
If this is the case, then perhaps that would be the best place to
concentrate my efforts (though I know y'all really want more idl for
samba4 ;+).


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