Data types in samba4

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It may make sense to consider the C99 `bool' type too (defined in 
<stdbool.h>).  See 
for the recommended workaround if <stdbool.h> is unavailable.

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I basically think it is sensible to define your own set of types. However,
it will certainly entail a large change in mindset.

I'd urge some careful consideration on the names that are chosen.  It 
be nice to make them obvious and extensible w/o colliding with potential

As far as I can see, reading the C-99 and POSIX-01 standards, uint_t is 
a standard type.  uintN_t, where N is an unsigned decimal integer, is
defined in C-99 (See paragraph 7.18).  The standard says such types are
optional.  (

The POSIX standard reserves all identifiers ending in "_t".  We should not
define any Samba-specific identifiers that use this suffix.

Since some of us are still on C-89 and POSIX-96, any attempt to use types 
more recent standards would need to have the usual conditional logic in
configure.  (And given the wide variation of implementations, such logic
would be a very good thing anyway).

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