mixed environment SAM replication

mike at jurney.org mike at jurney.org
Thu Jan 15 18:10:53 GMT 2004

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Richard Renard wrote:

> For now Samba3 as a PDC cannot replicate or feed any replication request
> from BDC, for this to work we need a complete knowledge of the
> replication process with all the informations contained in the deltas.
> but also modifying smbd in a way it can manage and maintain a db of all
> modifications done on the domain.

What about just once?  Do you know of a way to move, for example, the
user and group SIDs from a samba PDC into a windows BDC in the same
domain just once?  That's the constraint I'm working with now and what is
driving this whole project from my side.

> Concerning the replication process i should have written some kind of
> documentation but i still did not take time to do it.

I'd be very interested to read a document like this.  Ethereal just isn't
giving me enough :)

Michael D. Jurney
mike at jurney.org

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