Nested groups support?

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at
Thu Jan 15 02:16:15 GMT 2004

I wrote:
> Well this patch for Linux doesn't just change a #define, or 
> some system
> option it actually implements support for this by modifying the task
> structure to allow for this. This requires a kernel recompile 
> and NFS is
> recompiled with these changes to the task structure in place. 
> I have not
> observed any problems with NFS on Linux, though I would be 
> interested to
> hear if anybody else has experienced any problems. 
> 			-Marc

One more thing I should say about this is that group ACLs will not work for
NFS users after the first 16 groups. That is not changed by this patch (it's
in the NFS protocol), and what I meant by "I have not observed any problems
with NFS" is that this patch doesn't introduce any new NFS
problems/limitations :)


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