Nested groups support?

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at
Thu Jan 15 01:47:19 GMT 2004

Bogdan Iamandei [mailto:bogdan at] wrote:
> Erm. Ok, before this happens - please make a note to the users that
> increasing the number of groups a user can be part of may horribly
> break NFS. I am not sure how NFS is implemented with regards to this
> on Linux, but on Solaris it's a bit of a problem if you go over 16.
> Here's the FAQ ID on Sunsolve which deals with it: Free FAQ ID: 01247
> [...]
> Note: Do not raise the value of NGROUPS_MAX above 16 for systems that 
> need to be NFS clients as this will break NFS authorization and those 
> users will not be able to login because NFS internally depends on 
> NGROUPS_MAX and is limited to only 16.
> Also, while booting up, the following message is displayed on 
> the console:
> WARNING: ngroups_max of 32 > 16, NFS AUTH_SYS will not work properly
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Well this patch for Linux doesn't just change a #define, or some system
option it actually implements support for this by modifying the task
structure to allow for this. This requires a kernel recompile and NFS is
recompiled with these changes to the task structure in place. I have not
observed any problems with NFS on Linux, though I would be interested to
hear if anybody else has experienced any problems. 


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