Linux kernel 2.6 smbfs bugs

Michael B Allen mba2000 at
Mon Jan 12 00:53:15 GMT 2004

What doesn't Urban Widmark say? Is he still the smbfs maintainer?

> (I sent this message to the samba list last week, but didn't receive
>  any responses. Probably samba-technical is more appropriate anyway)
> Has anyone taken a look at these bugs?

No, but just from looking at this now my *guess* is that they are indeed related
and because it has a timing element something could be getting corrupted because
the locking isn't right. But this is *total speculation* on my part. For example
consider the in-situ initializer at the top of smb_readdir:

struct smb_sb_info *server = server_from_dentry(dentry);

This hasn't changed since 2.4 but 2.6 now has a lock_kernel() *after* this. If the
locking semantics have changed in such a way that initialization needs to be moved
into the critical section this is the kind of thing that could cause a problem.

Based on what I know about the kernel this probably isn't really the problem but I
can still make wild guesses :-)


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